Round Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns for home and party – Cheap paper lampshades for your home

Paper lanterns in different colors for parties and to your home. Have a look at our wide range of rice paper lanterns in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes!

Decorate your home or create a great atmosphere at your event with these beautiful lanterns. Perfect as mood lighting for the small room, or as a decoration for weddings or party occasions.  Pachia’s high-quality paper lanterns can be used outdoors as well at garden parties etc.

Our paper lanterns are hand made in China, according to old traditional Chinese methods.

Paper lanterns in different colors and sizes

All our paper lanterns can be used with our cord kits and LED lights. The use of LED lights allows you to move the lantern easily, without bothering with electrical wiring. If you intend to place the lantern in a room or similar, we recommend our cord kits with socket.

Our very small paper lanterns are perfect as party decorations and can be combined with our string lights. They are evocative and create a cosy atmosphere in your home or to your special occasion.

Our large paper lanterns are available in sizes 60 – 90cm (24”-36”) and are some of the largest on the market. The large paper lanterns are suitable for decorating rooms with high ceilings and will add depth and fullness to your decor.

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